Whoa, wait, what?

Just HOW many weeks are left in the semester? Because I’m still feeling like it’s only just started.

I guess I should have kept track of the passing time more, since I still can’t believe April is almost over (but really, April is almost. Over. Whaaat!?) Maybe, though, this is the way to “do things” since I’m more on top of my assignments (for the most part…) when they’re a one-by-one thing, as opposed to a beginning-vs-end of the semester thing.

And since we’re nearing the end of the semester, I have a lot of thoughts. I think I could have done better, though I always think that. I think I should have picked classes that I was really, truly interested in doing, instead of that one that is only fulfilling a requirement. I think I need to trust my self and my own knowledge more. I think I need to be better at asking for help, especially for that other class that I thought I was doing great in, whereas I’m actually only doing okay…

I think I should have prayed to Saraswati a little bit. I really could have used her help this semester.

Now, I really love Indian mythology. It’s really gorgeously depicted, which is a huge contrast to it’s down-to-earth style of myths. That’s a huge reason why I love it: it gets me. It gets everyone and that’s really comforting. How something so simple can unite the many.

I think most of all, that’s why mythology is kind of really amazing. It unites the many with this tales and stories and lessons and pictures, and that is beautiful. It brings together so many cultures, some of which might have never even known about such incredible foreign mythology otherwise, and gives them a common ground. I used to tell people that I didn’t believe in God so much as I believed in the Greek gods, because they were a lot easier to relate to, and I think that’s just it; gods and goddesses are so much easier to relate to, you know, despite the whole “creating worlds” thing, because they mess up and go through their punishments or whathaveyou, and then they are still who they are, be it goddess of learning/wisdom/music or God of gods Zeus, who had SO many problems, but hey, he was still the leader.

Despite all the mistakes I’ve made, I think I could be a leader. I certainly am doing okay leading my own life, with my tiny facets depicted by the tiny gods and goddesses of each mythology, screwing up but still managing (oh wait, that might just be me- me-me). All I can think is that I’m glad I know the things that I know! And also that I’m learning the things I’m learning (mythology and human sexuality being my favorite classes this semester).

But man, oh man, am I ready for this semester to be over.


And it appears to be a long…

… time gone.

As in, Crosby, Stills and Nash. But more appropriately, from this blog, because that’s what we’re here for.

This week was a pretty slow week, if you compare it to the last couple research essay-based weeks/assignments. Speaking of, I think I did fairly well. I was very proud of myself, even though it took me until the last 5 minutes to type out and submit my handwritten essay (I work old-school like that, no biggie). Even still I’m content with the work I did, the words I wrote, and the point/points I got across. Here’s hoping I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Getting back to this week, it’s been slow. These last few weeks before finals (5 weeks now, I believe) always seem to pass by slowest. Even with a huge essay, a couple projects, and a few looming tests, I’m not scared. At least not for that. I’m scared for the future, because I don’t know what next semester, this summer, or anything past this afternoon, for that matter, holds. I just wish it didn’t feel like it was taking so damn long to get there.

Wow, I am good at getting off track. This week: the reading got to me. In a good way, because mythology and magic are so close. What got me, really, was the language tie-in. I was so.. impressed and really just taken with the whole language is myth/myth is language thing in the Levi-Strauss reading; “myth is language: to be known, myth has to be told,” (‎Levi-Strauss 209/PDF pg 4). Those kinds of points are the kinds of points I strive to make! So you better believe it’s been added to the point-bank.

So close, they're like this. Thanks, Google Images.

So close, they’re like this.

Furthermore, the simplification of the myth of Daphne by Cassirer by only deciphering Daphne’s name’s origin and then relating the two; that’s the myth. Like.. what? That was just amazing to me. They’re in partial agreement, but it doesn’t look like things stay that way.. I’ll get into that more with the SSRP.

Anyway! I’ve stared at this hand for far too long and it’s gotten far less funny, so I’m gonna end this here.

Please do listen to “Roundabout” by Yes while reading this, even though I mentioned a different song earlier, because it is a good song and is long enough to read this to (I hope). If only it would sync up like Pink Floyd to the Wizard of Oz.


Now that I’m back on track with things – no more traveling, hosting, and soon to be no more sickness, anyway – time seems to be passing by really slowly. Even while binge-watching Law & Order: SVU on Netflix, time just doesn’t feel like it’s passing quite as fast as usual.

I guess that’s been my soundtrack for the week; SVU. The drama is just so captivating, you know? Funnily enough, it even relates sometimes to the reading. Synchronicity at its finest, I guess. I mean, the reading isn’t always so rape/sex crime-themed, but almost as soon as I have read or seen something that is, the show has common underlying themes. I really wish that, right now, I could remember the instance of this where I thought to myself, “huh, that’s funny,” because it was perfect. Now I just feel like that person at a party who tells stories that don’t sound finished…

Another common thing for the week is just how ridiculously dumb and ignorant people are (or at least seem to be). I have legitimately lost friends this week because of pure ignorance, which I feel I have exhausted the topic of, so I won’t go into it here. Even in simple daily interactions, everyone just seemed especially dumb this week. A friend of mine was telling me about a customer she had in her coffee shop who made a huge fuss out of them not stocking organic coffee/tea and non-organic milks, ordered a tea, and then proceeded to complain about how if she had ordered a tea (which she did) she was probably die because she’s allergic to chemicals. Let that just sink in for a second… It’s stupid. In honor of this wondrous week, I and that same friend, along with another friend, started a new blog “Everyone Sucks and I Hate Them All” for fun. No posts so far, and more than likely it will stay that way knowing how busy we all are, but it’s the thought that counts.

Rereading all this, this post really didn’t end up being very related to mythologies, but it definitely was related to comparing things! That also counts, right?

Edit: It wasn’t SVU that relates so heavily to comparative mythology, but reading /r/nosleep every night before bed. Coincidentally, this is also why I mis-connected my extracurricular media!

The lore and creatures and just overall stories people come up with on that subreddit are so amazing and incredible sometimes – definitely not all the time; I usually stick to the stories with more than a hundred upvotes. While they stick to basic rules of scary stories (hidden by darkness, seen in the corner of your eye/behind something while passing it, or otherwise unseen or hidden altogether) and usual bump in the night themes, there are some that are above and beyond (also known as above and Beyoncé). I am proud to admit I have invested countless hours into reading, researching, and really just thinking about how great and chilling some of them are. There was one multi-part story called {smile} by a user called nicmiccool and wow, could I read that forever. Which is why I downloaded the Google Drive file. I mean, his characters were only just “deal with the devil” creatures, so nothing special there, but it was amazing. And there are so many stories like that on there that create their own mythology to keep the feeling alive, or go by known folklore (skinwalkers, anyone?) to make it hit home extra hard.

I could go on for ages on these, and I have already almost doubled my word count, but I really wanted to add that other common theme from my week.

Please check out the subreddit, too, if you have a lot of time to waste, because it will suck you in. Definitely try and read the top rated posts first to really get into it.


Side note: this edit was posted from my phone while lying awake in bed, so please bear with the possibility of misspelled and mis-corrected and even missing words.

Super Heroine – ‘soop-er har-o-een’

With the Marvel premiere of Spider-Gwen this week, and of course the relation of girls as superheroes, I’ve been thinking a lot about my fantasy life/alter-ego. Now, in all fairness and as a total “you can hate me for this, but” disclaimer, I am not a fan of superhero comics. And I read a lot of comics. So I actually found it really hard to “make” myself into a superheroine without being corny or too Kick-Ass. My favorite “hero” isn’t a hero and has one of those darker-past kinds of stories that leave you falling off the edge of your seat in anticipation at the theater. My favorite “hero”, the one who I even tried to make myself into for Halloween, is Ginny, daughter of Death himself, from Pretty Deadly!

Because how cool would it be to be a descendent of death?

Because how cool would it be to be a descendent of death?

I’m not saying Wonder Woman isn’t incredible, I’m just saying that her whole deal (the hair, the wand, the iconic suit) is pretty done. She fights for truth and justice a la Sailor Moon (aka my childhood heroine), which I of course respect because she does so alongside these super men and that Super alien and is completely equal, but I feel like we’re in the age of the underdog. The unlikely hero. When you’re expected to always save the day, it doesn’t make it as super.

Which is why I would probably, in all honesty, be a female Deadpool. A mercenary, though not insane and one who probably cared more (because I care too much, and too much can sometimes be a problem). Healing powers are clearly the best kind for any hero, and I don’t see myself in this brilliant light of the best powers and costumes, but that one is it. If nothing else, healing powers, please! Without the retractable claws (because they would call me Cat Lady, not Wolveress).

Combine the DGAF nature of Deadpool with the wit, aim, and lineage of Ginny, and that is what I want to be.

But, if we’re wishing for stuff, I want that cool costume change Sailor Moon and the scouts have, too. That would be a technicolor dream come true.

Unit 2

First of all, I am so sorry my title is garbage. I promise to do better next week.

I’ve been thinking really heavily (to the soundtrack of Sigur Rós, so you know it’s some intense thinking) about how these stories connect to me and my interests and each other, and it’s honestly really challenging to do so. How can I relate this reading to my life? Does it count that I really like vampires and the Vampire Hunter D movie was a pivotal point of my adolescence?

Story time: that movie was when I truly realized I could fall in love with an animated character. Just kidding, that was when I watched Sailor Moon at a much younger age.

But back to the point: how do I connect my life to the very general theme of mythology or the very specific few readings from this week and last?

Answer (I hope): we live by the mistakes Greek gods made every day. Everyone has an Achilles heel that holds them back, or just can’t keep it in their pants like Zeus. Maybe you’ve even been turned into a cow. A beautiful cow, but still. You probably say, “thank God,” or, “oh my God,” or “God damn,” when you feel it’s appropriate, even though you’re not actually religious, (because if you were, you wouldn’t take the Lord’s name in vain, as that is a sin). Maybe you base your life around the ideas of a crazy man and dance on a street corner attracting people to join your definitely-not-a-cult family.

My point is that these things are all myth. A myth, which is, going by the author of the Short Intro book, just a story. And all these stories, not unlike the stories told many moons back, are created and written or passed from generation to generation (I’d like to note the very successful-sounding song “Hoppípolla” which is playing as I type this, an obvious sign I’m on the right track) to scare, teach, or otherwise inform to what can happen. The Medicine Man invoked a freaking demon because he wasn’t getting what he wanted, and would do anything to get it; lesson. Doris was bitten by what is essentially King Vampire of her world because she ventured too far away from home too late in the day; lesson. The Bible is a huge book of story after story of what to do and not to do to be a good Christian/Catholic. But.. A lot of the hellbeasts described in these stories don’t exist, as far as we can tell. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Ghost Adventures or A Haunting episode, but is a demon or ghost really what’s making everything in your life, for lack of a better phrase, go to hell? Probably not. It’s probably all psychological. You are your own worst enemy.

It’s for this same reason (psyching-out, that is) that I was sure I couldn’t “do college”; I was already older than everyone, I was home-schooled and didn’t even graduate from that, so I had never learned real, proper study habits, so how could I do well in college? My personal demons got to me, but no large shadow-y beast formation in the corner of the room. That’s Schizophrenia. Clearly, I got past that, with some help, and am doing well. Though that creature behind the mirror has some bs to say to me sometimes.

Shorter point being, the mythology we’ve been told and taught in passing effects the daily lives of everyone around. Vampires are the things that suck the life out of us, like work and school. Werewolves are the 180s people do sometimes when their true colors come out after certain things happen. Zombies are the dumb, dumb people who will never quite “get it”, but are constantly after approval (of your brain?). Gods make mistakes too. Oddly human ones, at that. Myths, legends, lore, and stories are everything and they connect to everything, whether you see it or not.

Final note: perfect song for reflection “Fjögur píanó” and also, the reading in this class is so good, my other homework is jealous.

Back in the Saddle

So it’s been about a year since I’ve used this blogspace, and that sucks. Although, it seems that I’ve had a life in that time, we all know I really haven’t (I jest).

Since it’s a new semester (number 3!) and a new class load, it’s time for a new blog post. Let’s start with some catch-up?

In no particular order, my last year consisted of, classes, stress from classes (only a couple really stressed me out, though it was rough), some light travel back home for a wedding and later for holidays, a few months of work back at the cafe last summer, and a lot-lot-lot of Netflix. I’m such a homebody..

Now that it’s a new year, new semester, new season, etc., I’m hoping for a lot of change. I have goals! I have expectations for myself to meet! I actually want to achieve those goals and meet those expectations! I want to do more, but also keep it balanced with my workload (because it’s a lot and that didn’t hit me until it was too late). I want to go back to SD for my birthday, and make the most of my visits and see everyone that I haven’t seen in years (I’m awful). Typical new years resolution: I want to lose weight and be more active and stop making excuses, because we all know I’m only making them for my own lazy self. There’s no point in waiting and flaking anymore, time to DO!

Since my to-do list this week got horribly thrown off and shifted, I’m trying to compact 5-6 days of work into about 3, so I actually have a lot of reading that needs to be done, but I just wanted to make a welcome back post (for myself, and all of 3 people who will actually read this) so that’s probably it for now. After this one, and until May-somethingth, the posts on this blog will, for the most part, be for assignments. Comparative Mythology has taken over. Let the fun begin!

Let’s talk about dreams.

My dreams have been absolutely nutso for the past few months. Well, in all honesty, for my entire life, but I remember some from around January more freshly.

I believe that dreams have meanings. Not all, but some. A lot of mine show deep-rooted, long dealt-with fears and issues that come up every now and then. It’s really, truly, SUPER awesome…

But other times there’s dreams that make no sense. Like old coworkers playing on a baseball team that isn’t really a baseball team, but I still wanted to join? I don’t even–

Sometimes my dreams freak me out so much that I have to find some sort of rationalization by looking up details in the always trustworthy dream dictionaries (of the Internet) under very broad, loose generalizations like “there was a spider in my dream; to the dictionary!” and find that spiders mean so many things, so there’s options, so whoever wrote it isn’t wrong.

Overall, I kind of just trust my gut on these things. As in, I know I’ve been worrying stressing about something in particular, so that’s why that feeling/person/activity/whatever has manifested itself in my dream, but what do all the other details mean???!

Well.. They mean your memory is working. So dumb tiny details from your day or week or imagination are showing their ugly faces because you saw them or subconsciously registered them.

Trust me. I’m totally a professional.


It’s been a while.. Just over 3 months, actually.

Because I suck.

So much for daily..

But anyway! It’s April, it’s hot, and I am so ready to be done with school.

Brief catch-up:

School has been good. Time is flying, shit’s getting done, and oddly enough, art has become my least favorite class. Who knew.. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s at night, maybe it’s that I too-often have to buy a whole new mess of supplies, maybe it’s the complete disorganization (I mean come on, I know it’s art, but PROGRESSION) I don’t know. But I just don’t want it anymore.

English has kept me busy, or should I say procrastinating. Same with Psych (wompwomp). Math is normal, just do problems and take notes. Simple and to the point.

What wasn’t cool though was not being able to stick with my plans OR make any new ones for spring break. My darling Alex had to stay at home, injured, instead of hanging out with me. I blame myself, honestly, and my perpetual brokeassness. Though I’m allowed to be bummed!

Major points to bring up:

My cat sucks and so I haven’t been sleeping a lot or well lately. All night, just whining or finding something loud to play with. So shitty. 

I officially need glasses! So I can see things 10+ feet in front of me!

Aaaaand I need a summer job, too.

God damn, my life is boring and typical..


Oh yeah, new post coming soon about ~*dreams*~ (mainly, how nutso they are). Yay!

This week isn’t over yet.

And it has been HARD,

I can’t sleep, so I’m always tired, so I’m not paying attention in class, so when I come home and need to do homework, I’m window-shopping online. WHAT.

But I did find this dope-ass sunglasses which I now need (http://quayeyeware.com.au/collections/) as well as headphones which I have decided I can’t live without (http://www.molami.com/). My priorities are always so spot on.

God… looking around my room, I realize how shitty I’ve felt all week. And how badly I need tomorrow to be Friday. And how gross I am, eep.

Because of my inability to sleep well, however, I’m remembering more of my weird-ass dreams. Like desperately trying to get a hold of a bottle of bleach spray (which ended up being clear?) to kill many giant murderous spiders that were trying to web my boyfriend. What does that mean, dear dream dictionary? That I’m trying to save him from being caught? HMM? I hope not..

What’s the deal with dreams, anyway? Are they showing what to expect in the future? Just a lovely run-through of some details from the day? Trying to help you make sense of something that’s been wrong? Nothing at all? Are dreams nothing at all? I hope not. I’d like to think they mean something

It’s actually getting to the point where I should start setting myself up for some dreamin’. Because then it will be that much closer to Friday!

But no.

It’s Thursday.


Emergency Second Post

I’m sorry (not really), but I am currently OBSESSED with my cat tonight. Hence all the insta-pics/facebook posts. He’s a bastard but gawd, can he be adorable when he wants to be, Or when he’s angry. Or when he’s running/galloping down the hall. Basically, often.

It’s a love-hate thing.