This week isn’t over yet.

And it has been HARD,

I can’t sleep, so I’m always tired, so I’m not paying attention in class, so when I come home and need to do homework, I’m window-shopping online. WHAT.

But I did find this dope-ass sunglasses which I now need ( as well as headphones which I have decided I can’t live without ( My priorities are always so spot on.

God… looking around my room, I realize how shitty I’ve felt all week. And how badly I need tomorrow to be Friday. And how gross I am, eep.

Because of my inability to sleep well, however, I’m remembering more of my weird-ass dreams. Like desperately trying to get a hold of a bottle of bleach spray (which ended up being clear?) to kill many giant murderous spiders that were trying to web my boyfriend. What does that mean, dear dream dictionary? That I’m trying to save him from being caught? HMM? I hope not..

What’s the deal with dreams, anyway? Are they showing what to expect in the future? Just a lovely run-through of some details from the day? Trying to help you make sense of something that’s been wrong? Nothing at all? Are dreams nothing at all? I hope not. I’d like to think they mean something

It’s actually getting to the point where I should start setting myself up for some dreamin’. Because then it will be that much closer to Friday!

But no.

It’s Thursday.



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