It’s been a while.. Just over 3 months, actually.

Because I suck.

So much for daily..

But anyway! It’s April, it’s hot, and I am so ready to be done with school.

Brief catch-up:

School has been good. Time is flying, shit’s getting done, and oddly enough, art has become my least favorite class. Who knew.. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s at night, maybe it’s that I too-often have to buy a whole new mess of supplies, maybe it’s the complete disorganization (I mean come on, I know it’s art, but PROGRESSION) I don’t know. But I just don’t want it anymore.

English has kept me busy, or should I say procrastinating. Same with Psych (wompwomp). Math is normal, just do problems and take notes. Simple and to the point.

What wasn’t cool though was not being able to stick with my plans OR make any new ones for spring break. My darling Alex had to stay at home, injured, instead of hanging out with me. I blame myself, honestly, and my perpetual brokeassness. Though I’m allowed to be bummed!

Major points to bring up:

My cat sucks and so I haven’t been sleeping a lot or well lately. All night, just whining or finding something loud to play with. So shitty. 

I officially need glasses! So I can see things 10+ feet in front of me!

Aaaaand I need a summer job, too.

God damn, my life is boring and typical..


Oh yeah, new post coming soon about ~*dreams*~ (mainly, how nutso they are). Yay!


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