Let’s talk about dreams.

My dreams have been absolutely nutso for the past few months. Well, in all honesty, for my entire life, but I remember some from around January more freshly.

I believe that dreams have meanings. Not all, but some. A lot of mine show deep-rooted, long dealt-with fears and issues that come up every now and then. It’s really, truly, SUPER awesome…

But other times there’s dreams that make no sense. Like old coworkers playing on a baseball team that isn’t really a baseball team, but I still wanted to join? I don’t even–

Sometimes my dreams freak me out so much that I have to find some sort of rationalization by looking up details in the always trustworthy dream dictionaries (of the Internet) under very broad, loose generalizations like “there was a spider in my dream; to the dictionary!” and find that spiders mean so many things, so there’s options, so whoever wrote it isn’t wrong.

Overall, I kind of just trust my gut on these things. As in, I know I’ve been worrying stressing about something in particular, so that’s why that feeling/person/activity/whatever has manifested itself in my dream, but what do all the other details mean???!

Well.. They mean your memory is working. So dumb tiny details from your day or week or imagination are showing their ugly faces because you saw them or subconsciously registered them.

Trust me. I’m totally a professional.


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