Back in the Saddle

So it’s been about a year since I’ve used this blogspace, and that sucks. Although, it seems that I’ve had a life in that time, we all know I really haven’t (I jest).

Since it’s a new semester (number 3!) and a new class load, it’s time for a new blog post. Let’s start with some catch-up?

In no particular order, my last year consisted of, classes, stress from classes (only a couple really stressed me out, though it was rough), some light travel back home for a wedding and later for holidays, a few months of work back at the cafe last summer, and a lot-lot-lot of Netflix. I’m such a homebody..

Now that it’s a new year, new semester, new season, etc., I’m hoping for a lot of change. I have goals! I have expectations for myself to meet! I actually want to achieve those goals and meet those expectations! I want to do more, but also keep it balanced with my workload (because it’s a lot and that didn’t hit me until it was too late). I want to go back to SD for my birthday, and make the most of my visits and see everyone that I haven’t seen in years (I’m awful). Typical new years resolution: I want to lose weight and be more active and stop making excuses, because we all know I’m only making them for my own lazy self. There’s no point in waiting and flaking anymore, time to DO!

Since my to-do list this week got horribly thrown off and shifted, I’m trying to compact 5-6 days of work into about 3, so I actually have a lot of reading that needs to be done, but I just wanted to make a welcome back post (for myself, and all of 3 people who will actually read this) so that’s probably it for now. After this one, and until May-somethingth, the posts on this blog will, for the most part, be for assignments. Comparative Mythology has taken over. Let the fun begin!


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