Super Heroine – ‘soop-er har-o-een’

With the Marvel premiere of Spider-Gwen this week, and of course the relation of girls as superheroes, I’ve been thinking a lot about my fantasy life/alter-ego. Now, in all fairness and as a total “you can hate me for this, but” disclaimer, I am not a fan of superhero comics. And I read a lot of comics. So I actually found it really hard to “make” myself into a superheroine without being corny or too Kick-Ass. My favorite “hero” isn’t a hero and has one of those darker-past kinds of stories that leave you falling off the edge of your seat in anticipation at the theater. My favorite “hero”, the one who I even tried to make myself into for Halloween, is Ginny, daughter of Death himself, from Pretty Deadly!

Because how cool would it be to be a descendent of death?

Because how cool would it be to be a descendent of death?

I’m not saying Wonder Woman isn’t incredible, I’m just saying that her whole deal (the hair, the wand, the iconic suit) is pretty done. She fights for truth and justice a la Sailor Moon (aka my childhood heroine), which I of course respect because she does so alongside these super men and that Super alien and is completely equal, but I feel like we’re in the age of the underdog. The unlikely hero. When you’re expected to always save the day, it doesn’t make it as super.

Which is why I would probably, in all honesty, be a female Deadpool. A mercenary, though not insane and one who probably cared more (because I care too much, and too much can sometimes be a problem). Healing powers are clearly the best kind for any hero, and I don’t see myself in this brilliant light of the best powers and costumes, but that one is it. If nothing else, healing powers, please! Without the retractable claws (because they would call me Cat Lady, not Wolveress).

Combine the DGAF nature of Deadpool with the wit, aim, and lineage of Ginny, and that is what I want to be.

But, if we’re wishing for stuff, I want that cool costume change Sailor Moon and the scouts have, too. That would be a technicolor dream come true.


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