Now that I’m back on track with things – no more traveling, hosting, and soon to be no more sickness, anyway – time seems to be passing by really slowly. Even while binge-watching Law & Order: SVU on Netflix, time just doesn’t feel like it’s passing quite as fast as usual.

I guess that’s been my soundtrack for the week; SVU. The drama is just so captivating, you know? Funnily enough, it even relates sometimes to the reading. Synchronicity at its finest, I guess. I mean, the reading isn’t always so rape/sex crime-themed, but almost as soon as I have read or seen something that is, the show has common underlying themes. I really wish that, right now, I could remember the instance of this where I thought to myself, “huh, that’s funny,” because it was perfect. Now I just feel like that person at a party who tells stories that don’t sound finished…

Another common thing for the week is just how ridiculously dumb and ignorant people are (or at least seem to be). I have legitimately lost friends this week because of pure ignorance, which I feel I have exhausted the topic of, so I won’t go into it here. Even in simple daily interactions, everyone just seemed especially dumb this week. A friend of mine was telling me about a customer she had in her coffee shop who made a huge fuss out of them not stocking organic coffee/tea and non-organic milks, ordered a tea, and then proceeded to complain about how if she had ordered a tea (which she did) she was probably die because she’s allergic to chemicals. Let that just sink in for a second… It’s stupid. In honor of this wondrous week, I and that same friend, along with another friend, started a new blog “Everyone Sucks and I Hate Them All” for fun. No posts so far, and more than likely it will stay that way knowing how busy we all are, but it’s the thought that counts.

Rereading all this, this post really didn’t end up being very related to mythologies, but it definitely was related to comparing things! That also counts, right?

Edit: It wasn’t SVU that relates so heavily to comparative mythology, but reading /r/nosleep every night before bed. Coincidentally, this is also why I mis-connected my extracurricular media!

The lore and creatures and just overall stories people come up with on that subreddit are so amazing and incredible sometimes – definitely not all the time; I usually stick to the stories with more than a hundred upvotes. While they stick to basic rules of scary stories (hidden by darkness, seen in the corner of your eye/behind something while passing it, or otherwise unseen or hidden altogether) and usual bump in the night themes, there are some that are above and beyond (also known as above and Beyoncé). I am proud to admit I have invested countless hours into reading, researching, and really just thinking about how great and chilling some of them are. There was one multi-part story called {smile} by a user called nicmiccool and wow, could I read that forever. Which is why I downloaded the Google Drive file. I mean, his characters were only just “deal with the devil” creatures, so nothing special there, but it was amazing. And there are so many stories like that on there that create their own mythology to keep the feeling alive, or go by known folklore (skinwalkers, anyone?) to make it hit home extra hard.

I could go on for ages on these, and I have already almost doubled my word count, but I really wanted to add that other common theme from my week.

Please check out the subreddit, too, if you have a lot of time to waste, because it will suck you in. Definitely try and read the top rated posts first to really get into it.

Side note: this edit was posted from my phone while lying awake in bed, so please bear with the possibility of misspelled and mis-corrected and even missing words.


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