And it appears to be a long…

… time gone.

As in, Crosby, Stills and Nash. But more appropriately, from this blog, because that’s what we’re here for.

This week was a pretty slow week, if you compare it to the last couple research essay-based weeks/assignments. Speaking of, I think I did fairly well. I was very proud of myself, even though it took me until the last 5 minutes to type out and submit my handwritten essay (I work old-school like that, no biggie). Even still I’m content with the work I did, the words I wrote, and the point/points I got across. Here’s hoping I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Getting back to this week, it’s been slow. These last few weeks before finals (5 weeks now, I believe) always seem to pass by slowest. Even with a huge essay, a couple projects, and a few looming tests, I’m not scared. At least not for that. I’m scared for the future, because I don’t know what next semester, this summer, or anything past this afternoon, for that matter, holds. I just wish it didn’t feel like it was taking so damn long to get there.

Wow, I am good at getting off track. This week: the reading got to me. In a good way, because mythology and magic are so close. What got me, really, was the language tie-in. I was so.. impressed and really just taken with the whole language is myth/myth is language thing in the Levi-Strauss reading; “myth is language: to be known, myth has to be told,” (‎Levi-Strauss 209/PDF pg 4). Those kinds of points are the kinds of points I strive to make! So you better believe it’s been added to the point-bank.

So close, they're like this. Thanks, Google Images.

So close, they’re like this.

Furthermore, the simplification of the myth of Daphne by Cassirer by only deciphering Daphne’s name’s origin and then relating the two; that’s the myth. Like.. what? That was just amazing to me. They’re in partial agreement, but it doesn’t look like things stay that way.. I’ll get into that more with the SSRP.

Anyway! I’ve stared at this hand for far too long and it’s gotten far less funny, so I’m gonna end this here.

Please do listen to “Roundabout” by Yes while reading this, even though I mentioned a different song earlier, because it is a good song and is long enough to read this to (I hope). If only it would sync up like Pink Floyd to the Wizard of Oz.


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