Whoa, wait, what?

Just HOW many weeks are left in the semester? Because I’m still feeling like it’s only just started.

I guess I should have kept track of the passing time more, since I still can’t believe April is almost over (but really, April is almost. Over. Whaaat!?) Maybe, though, this is the way to “do things” since I’m more on top of my assignments (for the most part…) when they’re a one-by-one thing, as opposed to a beginning-vs-end of the semester thing.

And since we’re nearing the end of the semester, I have a lot of thoughts. I think I could have done better, though I always think that. I think I should have picked classes that I was really, truly interested in doing, instead of that one that is only fulfilling a requirement. I think I need to trust my self and my own knowledge more. I think I need to be better at asking for help, especially for that other class that I thought I was doing great in, whereas I’m actually only doing okay…

I think I should have prayed to Saraswati a little bit. I really could have used her help this semester.

Now, I really love Indian mythology. It’s really gorgeously depicted, which is a huge contrast to it’s down-to-earth style of myths. That’s a huge reason why I love it: it gets me. It gets everyone and that’s really comforting. How something so simple can unite the many.

I think most of all, that’s why mythology is kind of really amazing. It unites the many with this tales and stories and lessons and pictures, and that is beautiful. It brings together so many cultures, some of which might have never even known about such incredible foreign mythology otherwise, and gives them a common ground. I used to tell people that I didn’t believe in God so much as I believed in the Greek gods, because they were a lot easier to relate to, and I think that’s just it; gods and goddesses are so much easier to relate to, you know, despite the whole “creating worlds” thing, because they mess up and go through their punishments or whathaveyou, and then they are still who they are, be it goddess of learning/wisdom/music or God of gods Zeus, who had SO many problems, but hey, he was still the leader.

Despite all the mistakes I’ve made, I think I could be a leader. I certainly am doing okay leading my own life, with my tiny facets depicted by the tiny gods and goddesses of each mythology, screwing up but still managing (oh wait, that might just be me- me-me). All I can think is that I’m glad I know the things that I know! And also that I’m learning the things I’m learning (mythology and human sexuality being my favorite classes this semester).

But man, oh man, am I ready for this semester to be over.


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