NATURALLY. I fail to write again for 2 whole days. I’m awful, I”m terrible, and I just want to cry.


Well, kind of. See, One of the shittiest things about being a student is that you have to adhere to a schedule, otherwise you’re destined for failure. More specifically, there are tonnnnes of concerts/shows in San Francisco that I would absolutely love to be apart of, but either the time of the show or the time of my getting home (or both) would conflict greatly with one or more classes. Case and point, this morning, I was perusing the Coachella lineup and searching for bands that were touring around these parts due to that, and found out the Dum Dum Girls, one of my favorite ladybands, is playing on a Tuesday night at 8 (during my art class) meaning I wouldn’t get home until late, if at all, conflicting with my psychology class. Sucks. Suckssuckssucks.

Obviously, the only answer is to teleport, so I’m gonna go work on that now.


First days

Congratulations! You (I) started college today (yesterday).

That’s right, I am an adult college lady now. And holy whoa, am I terrified. I thought it was first-day-willies, but nahh. This is LEGIT fear. Of not being able to do it! Of procrastination winning again! This, my darlings, is a fear of.. SKULL. But so far so good. So here’s a recap:

Day one started out as nbd. Wake up (at 9 instead of my previously planned 7 or 8 because I am NOT a morning person and I actually want to do well), shower, grab eats, prepare backpack, walk to Psychology 1A. I was there early as to not be that guy and also be guaranteed a seat, and then I realized ohmyglob, this is real. So I promptly took a picture to later instagram. The class itself was fine, being the first class, we didn’t do anything, so that leaves me scared for what’s to come! But, in all fairness, leave it to me to be terrified over nothing.

Continuing on with my day, next is Math 155. Now shame on me for again getting scared over nothing, but I shoppe around for this class. And I must say, it was worth it. The first teacher was a little too intimidating for my tiny, just-getting-back-into-school brain. So I did a good and hopefully I remain thinking so. But math is great and good luck to me, right??

So herewegomagic onto day 2!

Wake up late (awesome), do regular morning (wake-up) stuff like bathe and feed self and blah (less awesome, mostly just “a thing”), then I get to sit around! Until like 20 minutes before class starts! It’s AWESOME. Except it didn’t really help my nerves* so that wasn’t so awesome. But the class itself (English 1A) was okay. I’m pretty content with this pick. Though I must say, I didn’t realize how awful I still am when it comes to public speaking. I literally trembles when it came to be my turn in the class ice breaking exercise. Not EVEN cool. But then it was over and I resumed trying to be invisible (despite how adorable I was dressed today).

Then I went home between classes (hello, 3 hour break), ate some, bought supplies, blahbleeblah, and had art! Which I am so going to enjoy. Who doesn’t enjoy art? Sadists? Murderers? Debatable; their craft is their art, accepted or not.

But yeah.. that’s all. First two days. Thanks for pretending you enjoyed my words.